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Cyest Corporation

Cyest Corporation is a technology investment and management firm. We fund the start-up and acquisition of businesses that we then take a direct role in managing.

We target businesses that offered niched technology solutions and services that assist corporate and government clients to solve challenges that are - important, recurring and complex.

Leading edge technology on its own is not sufficient; all of the businesses in our portfolio differentiate and distinguish themselves by combining technical expertise with deep industry knowledge and practical thought leadership.

We measure our success first and foremost by the improvement and tangible value that our technologies realise for clients.

Our formula for success combines talented individuals that have a passion to constantly 'make better' by deploying leading edge technology and relevant industry expertise in order to conceive, create and then deliver focussed solutions that provide our clients with a measurable strategic advantage.

Our Values

All businesses in our portfolio are guided by the following six simple values.

  • Be magnificent, achieve the extraordinary, but always retain humility.
  • Discover the truth; tell the truth.
  • Have courage to embrace complexity but always distil clarity.
  • Be positive, have purpose, make better.
  • Be uncompromising about quality and responsiveness.
  • Business is ultimately about people and the power of us.

We are all extremists, mundane does not fit here.

Everyone within our businesses strives to be extraordinary achievers; and most times we are.

Our Portfolio

There are currently five businesses within our portfolio, all of which are growing extensively. We are constantly probing ways to enhance the performance of our portfolio by both making constant internal operational refinements, as well as by proactively seeking inter-company synergies.

We are also always working on new investments, but will not compromise our values or our standards in order to simply bolt on another business, we have too much to lose.

  • Decision Inc.

    Decision Inc. has one clear focus - to ensure that all the appropriate decision makers within its client organisations are presented with the right information and insight, to enable them to make the best decisions in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

    To achieve this objective Decision Inc. has leading expertise in the design and implementation of a diverse range of decision support and BI products from the best global enterprise software corporations. Some examples of the every growing list includes Microsoft, Qlikview, SAP, Roambi and Microstrategy. Giving us the freedom to select the technology that best suites each client context.

    In addition we have specific competence in the design, building and maintenance of data warehouses.

    We understand that technical prowess on its own is highly necessary but ultimately insufficient in order to achieve our single objective. In addition to technical skills we need to have an intimate understanding of business generally, as well as the decision making processes and dynamics more specially.

    To this end the Decision Inc. team has business consultants and analysts that design BI solutions by understanding the business economics and strategic KPIs, and then by embarking on an individual KPI audit to understand for example - what KPI individuals have, and what decision right do that have, what trade-off must they make and what information and analysis to they need to make these decisions. Knowing all this is the key to any successful BI implementation.

    Ultimately we measure the success of our engagements by asking our clients three questions after having deployed a technology within their businesses

    1. Has the technology that we have deployed enabled you to understand your business in a way that has directly led to positive changes being made?
    2. And / or, are you able to attain insight faster, more reliably and at a lower cost than before?

    Implementing BI solutions on time and to budget is of course critical, but it is not our measure of success, we will only be satisfied when we get a positive answer to at least one of these questions. Often we get a 'yes' to both!

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  • DigiQuill

    DigiQuill is a leading bespoke software development company that has a proud track record in building powerful process automation and transactional systems for blue chip corporations in the mining, manufacturing, retail, financial, services, telecoms and travel industries. We also work with a number of Government enterprises and organisations.

    DigiQuill distinguishes itself not only by ensuring that we have the best software design and development skills and processes, but equally importantly by ensuring that we combine our technology capability with a profound business competence.

    It is through this intimate combination of technology and business skill that we are able to intimately understand our clients context and design, build and deploy enterprise software that is relevant, robust, easy to use and maintain and that is easily scalable.

    In all of our engagements we measure not only the return on the software being deployed, but the return on each component of functionality. The success of DigiQuill is therefore measured by the millions of dollars in additional revenue that we have enabled our clients to realise through our transactional systems, as well as in the millions that have been saved through efficient processes.

    DigiQuill comprises two departments -

    1. DQ Build - which is responsible for all the bespoke creative development.
    2. DQ Assure - which is responsible for the ongoing support of the systems that we build, as well as for providing a range of Cloud based technology support services.

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  • Qerent

    Qerent is a very unique and highly effective operational performance management and process modelling software.

    It is designed to ensure that capital intensive operations are firstly configured optimally, and then constantly managed and refined to always achieve maximum returns regardless of business and environmental dynamics.

    The software has been deployed within blue chip global corporations across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. And it has resulted in millions of dollars worth of value being realised for these clients.

    Qerent comprises reporting, diagnostics and predictive modelling technologies in one platform that answers the following three sequential set of questions on a continuous basis

    1. Firstly, informs decision makers regarding what is happening across the enterprise.
    2. Next with mathematical precision Qerent clearly indicates why the performance is happening by quantifying which and by how much different operational drivers have impacted economic metrics across the enterprise.
    3. Finally Qerent will inform how to enhance performance by quantifying what is likely to happen if no management action is taken, and then going on to running scenarios to demonstrate the future impact of a prioritised list of corrective actions.

    Qerent is an adaptation from an old English word meaning 'seeker of truth'.

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  • Revenue Science

    Revenue Science is an advisory business and technology implementation firm that applies and deploys sophisticated market and campaign modelling technologies to assist client to increase their revenues as efficiently as possible.

    Most businesses are able to measure and analyse their operations and the cost side of their business in great detail. For example the impact on overall cost by a change in operational process, or asset utilisation can easily be quantified. However the same level of rigour and understanding does not often apply to the revenue side of a business. For example, how many businesses are able to accurately quantify what the impact on overall profitability would be if prices were to be changed, or if a new campaign were to be introduced to target a new segment?

    At Revenue Science we know that an accurate understanding of the revenue side of the business can be attained, and when this is done the rewards are immense.

    Working with global corporations in the telecoms, financial services, airline and FMCG retail industries; Revenue Science has assisted is clients to understand segments in different ways; to quantify market dynamics; to understand price elasticity's; to conceive and manage campaigns; to select and configure channels; and to design and modify products and services.

    Revenue Science has distinguished itself by applying its profound mathematical rigour with practical business insight in order to generate significant revenue increases for its clients.

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  • Cyest Analytics

    Cyest Analytics focusses on the mining industry. This business comprises two components a mining advisory business and a mine design and planning software business.

    The consulting business advises mining clients on how to optimise all aspects of their enterprise; spanning portfolio configuration, asset design and layout, production scheduling, resource allocation and business planning. This team consists of a highly driven team of experts spanning mining engineers, geologists, accountants, statisticians, industrial researchers and chemical engineers.

    The CA suite of mining products comprises technical mine planning software solutions that are differentiated in two regards. Firstly they allow mine planners and other executive decision makers to easily quantify and accurately compare different scenarios; and secondly they are able to calculate both the economic and financial impact of different technical configuration and operational decisions.

    The suite comprises -

    1. A resource portfolio modelling product that allows for different capital projects to be scheduled.
    2. A graphic mine design product.
    3. A mine production scheduling and evaluation software.
    4. A resource allocation micro-scheduling product.
    5. A beneficiation plant configuration and planning software.

    These products can be deployed individually or as components of an integrated suite.

    Our advisory services and technologies are deployed by leading resource houses in the diamond, platinum, gold, copper, iron ore and coal industries across four continents.

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  • Cyest Technology

    'Test your options to enhance decision-making'

    Our vision is to enhance decision-making and planning by enabling management to test their options and strategies using advanced modelling solutions.

    Our team has a reputation in the mining industry for leading thinking and developing innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. The team prides itself on consistently adding value during client engagements. Modelling your business, by relating the underlying technical, physical, economic and financial variables across the complete mining value chain, enables you to identify optimisation opportunities, bottlenecks and constraints. It also allows you to test different plans and options by running ‘what-if’ scenarios. During our ten years of developing modelling solutions for the mining industry, Cyest Technology has developed solutions that enhance decision-making, close planning solution gaps and ensure integrated planning across the entire business.

  • Andreas Cambitsis

    has a B.Eng in Aerospace Systems Engineering and a Master�s Degree in Operations Research from the University of Cambridge, UK. Prior to joining Cyest, Andreas worked for three and a half years as a Strategy Consultant for Monitor Company. During that period he acquired experience in several industries including, mining, retail banking and logistics, whilst working on projects in South Africa, the US, Canada, and Europe. At Monitor, Andreas led several engagements where he specialised in the application of analytic technology for, amongst other things, competitor simulation techniques incorporating game theory.

    Over time Andreas has developed niche skills in his primary passion, namely - addressing strategic business issues by developing analytical tools using cutting edge technology.

  • Elton Bondi

    Before founding The Cyest Corporation, Elton worked as a strategy consultant and investment banker for Monitor Company. Based in South Africa and London, he led the account mandate for the merger of leading South African insurance companies and a series of Pan European Pharmaceutical companies. He also headed a number of accounts in the resources, petrochemicals, construction and financial services industries, working with clients in South Africa, Europe, The United States and Australia. The central focus of many of these engagements was to maximise group value by optimising their portfolio of assets. As of Cyest, Elton focusses on ensuring that the different value propositions that various group companies offer clients are compelling and that they are fulfilled. He has a BA (law) degree from Wits, a PDM from Wits Business School (Dean's List) and a Master's Degree from Wits Business School.

  • Tony Savides

    With his background in electrical engineering and military research & development, Tony moved to Cyest Corporation in order to pursue a career in Business Analytics and Consulting. At Cyest, he has had the opportunity to work on an array of projects providing financial modelling, statistical analysis, forecasting, simulation, strategic consulting as well as optimisation solutions for blue-chip clients, for a broad spectrum of industries. Tony spent his first 5 years at Cyest working within the Mining practice, specifically responsible for building and managing Life of Mine, Scheduling, Diagnostics and Feasibility Assessment engagements. He was promoted to an Associate Director before the age of 30, being responsible for a portfolio of mining projects and clients within the diamond, gold and platinum verticals. After successfully taking over the responsibility of managing and growing the Software Development division of Cyest (DigiQuill), Tony was promoted to Director. In 2012 he started and rapidly grew the Revenue Science Practice Area, which focuses on driving revenue growth for clients with deliberate precision, harnessing advanced analytics, BI solutions and modelling services. Due to the need for Cyest to expand its global presence, Tony moved to Australia in 2016 to create and head the local office and expand opportunities abroad.

  • Neil Davis

    holds a B Com Accounting and an honours degree in Taxation from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He completed his articles with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Johannesburg in 2005 before taking a secondment with PwC in New York. After gaining valuable experience abroad, Neil returned to South Africa and joined in 2006 Bravura Equity Services, a niche investment bank. Neil spent 7 years with Bravura in a number of roles and positions specialising in structured solutions and property investment before joining Cyest Corporation in August 2013 as Director Finance.

  • Nick Bel

    Having run his first business venture at the age of 9 Nick has always had an interest in entrepreneurship and identifying opportunities to build business�s. Nick started BusinessIntelligent in 2006 whilst studying towards becoming a Chartered Accountant. After completing Honours he left the accounting field to focus on his passion of entrepreneurship. Nick has successfully built BusinessIntelligent into a leading player in the business intelligence industry with an exceptional work ethic and team of talented staff. During 2013 Nick completed a merger with another leading business intelligence vendor with a second deal to follow early in 2014. A new brand and company, Decision Inc. has been formed with Nick taking the role of CEO. Nicks role is to focus on the implementation of strategic initiatives, execution of strategy, key customer relationships and new opportunity identification. In his spare time Nick enjoys spending time with family and playing golf, cricket and cycling.

  1. Andreas Cambitsis
  2. Elton Bondi
  3. Tony Savides
  4. Neil Davis
  5. Nick Bel

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