• Qerent

    For over a decade, Qerent has provided a powerful enterprise financial and operational modelling capability to support the planning function in the mining, manufacturing, telecoms, retail, media and financial services industries across the globe.

    Its unique object oriented architecture allows for a highly graphic and intuitive approach to modelling any business system; this in turn enables complex models to be built quickly, understood clearly and for scenarios to easily be quantified and evaluated.

    Where most decision support technologies merely integrate data, Qerent goes further to relate data. This enables companies to move from traditional descriptive analytics to true diagnostic, predictive and even prescriptive analytics. Simply stated this means that our clients are able to understand not only what is happening across their businesses, but also why it is happening, as well as what is likely to happen, and importantly to also understand what best to do.

  • BSC Global

    Business Science Corporation (BSC) is a leading global analytics firm. We apply objective analytical rigour to solving complex business challenges. By applying science, creativity and business acumen to business decision making and execution, we set a standard on driving economic returns on data. Our teams comprise of highly experienced data scientists, actuaries, accountants and engineers who combine their in-depth diagnostic and modelling skills with practical commercial understanding in order to deliver tangible value to clients.

    Embracing complexity; Distilling clarity; Delivering superior returns.

  • DigiQuill

    As an enterprise software development firm, DigiQuill differentiates itself by three core competencies - empathy and elegance in design, an absolute dedication to precision in development and an unwavering commitment to create value for clients.

    Empathy in design means that we understand not only what our clients seek to achieve for their business by deploying technology, but importantly who the people are that will benefit from the technology.

    Dedication to precision refers to an unparalleled attention to detail; because attention to detail is the cornerstone of quality.

    Developing software is our tradecraft, but adding tangible value to clients is what we really do.

    Technology for Good.

  • Cyest Intelligent Management Systems

    Cyest Intelligent Management Systems, Cyest IMS, is a joint venture company with The Cyest Corporation. George Krafft, a mining engineer with more than 25 years mining and consulting experience, heads the company.

Our Directors
Andreas Cambitsis

has a B.Eng in Aerospace Systems Engineering and a Master's Degree in Operations Research from the University of Cambridge, UK. Prior to joining Cyest, Andreas worked for three and a half years as a Strategy Consultant for Monitor Company. During that period he acquired experience in several industries including, mining, retail banking and logistics, whilst working on projects in South Africa, the US, Canada, and Europe. At Monitor, Andreas led several engagements where he specialised in the application of analytic technology for, amongst other things, competitor simulation techniques incorporating game theory.

Over time Andreas has developed niche skills in his primary passion, namely - addressing strategic business issues by developing analytical tools using cutting edge technology.

Elton Bondi

Before founding The Cyest Corporation, Elton worked as a strategy consultant and investment banker for The Monitor Company. Based in South Africa and London, he led the account mandate for the merger of large South African insurance companies, as well as a series of Pan European Pharmaceutical companies. He also headed a number of strategic accounts in the resources, petrochemicals, construction and financial services industries, working with clients in South Africa, Europe, The United States and Australia.

Under Elton's leadership The Cyest Corporation has been profitable from day one, and has grown consistently by over 20% compounded year on year for the last 16years. From a founding team of just two, the Group today comprises over 220 professionals working within a portfolio of high technology businesses spanning data sciences and Fintech, through to virtual reality and industrial drone application.

The Group works with clients across all 5 continents and has fixed based offices in four cities. Elton continues to focus on ensuring that the constantly evolving portfolio of high tech value propositions that group companies offer remain compelling to clients. He has a BA (law) degree from Wits, a PDM from Wits Business School (Dean's List) and a Master's Degree from Wits Business School.

Tony Savides

Tony's academic background includes – BSc Elec Eng, MSc Elec Eng and MBA (Edinburgh). After following a career in military R&D, he moved to Cyest Corporation to redirect his skillsets towards analytics, consulting and business technologies. Through an illustrious career at the company, he was able to move from a senior consultant to director within a few years, having successfully run the digital practice area (DigiQuill) as well as founding a new core service arm / practice area within the business (Revenue Science). With over a decade of experience in the analytical consulting / technology field: Tony's project depth includes - financial modelling, operations research, statistical analysis, forecasting, simulation, optimisation and strategic planning; and his industry breath covers - ITC, Financial Services, Insurance, Mining, Media and Retail. Tony is now the regional director of Cyest Australasia, as he grows our global footprint further.

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